Engang var der uventede møder…

‘‘The streets were very calm and the sun was shining on three quarters of them. On the sunny side, high fences hide most of the front yard gardens. The fences varied in height and materials. They attracted my attention as really pleasant details to work with. At first sight, the neighborhood looked like any housing area. (…) Walking around, observing the fences, and the signs of the companies, schools, day cares, I venturied into the backyards, and was temporarily transformed into a treasure hunter. All these activities behind the walls suddently became numerous hidden gems to discover.

The atmosphere of Kong Georgs Vej and Dronning Olgas Vej, fostered by the walk, and the hidden activities, seeming even more precious that day, confirmed to me that these two streets were positive assets of the Nordre Fasanvej area. Willing to initiate the urban renewal from the exisiting positive potentials, I decided it would be there that I would experiment with co-creative urbanism. As I was taking many pictures, I attracted the attention of the passers-by. The casual walk naturally led to random encounters.’’

The Story of Frederiksberg’s Hidden Gems – Master’s Thesis, Anaïs Lora, 2013

Og det er sådan, historien om Frederiksbergs Skjulte Perler blev sat i gang; det magiske møde mellem en studerende, der arbejder med medskabende forandringer i byen, et kvarter, dets mennesker og dets aktiviteter.